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Considering adoption?

Adoption is a selfless, yet difficult decision.

You don’t have to walk it alone.


We are here to connect you with a trusted Adoption Partner that will treat you with respect and care. They will educate you about your rights as an Expectant Parent and help you create an Adoption Plan - all on your terms. 


To consider if placing for adoption is right for you, start by asking some questions.

1. What are the types of adoptions?

Open Adoption. The Birth Mother and Adoptive Family have some personal interaction as agreed to in an Enforceable Post Adoption Contact Agreement. The parties can contact each other directly without the mediation of the adoption agency. 


Semi-Open Adoption. The Birth Mother and Adoptive Family have personal contact through pictures and letters on a set schedule as agreed to in an Enforceable Post Adoption Contact Agreement Communication can be managed by the adoption agency or another third party if desired. 


Closed Adoption. The Birth Mother and Adoptive Family receive only each other’s first names. The Adoptive Parents only receive the medical and social history of each Birth Parent and their family. The Birth Mother can select the Adoptive Family based on non-identifying profiles but is not expected to communicate with them. 

2. Do I get to choose the Adoptive Parents?

Yes! As the birth mother, you decide what you’re looking for in a family for your child. You can narrow it down to location, race, values, religion, and even personality traits! 

3. How long does the Birth Mother have to change her mind?

In Georgia, Birth Mothers cannot sign Adoption Legal Paperwork until at least 24 hours after birth. Once she signs the Adoption Legal Paperwork, she has 4 days to change her mind about the adoption.

Start your adoption journey.

Interested in learning more about the adoption process? Our compassionate team is here to answer your questions and connect you with a Georgia-licensed adoption agency that will give you the support you deserve so you can make an empowered choice for your unplanned pregnancy!


If you would like to know more about adoption in Georgia, contact our team.

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