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Nurse Consultation

Consult with one of our licensed medical professionals to learn which of our medical services are recommended for you.


What's covered in a Virtual Visit?

What's your

health history?

What services do

you qualify for here?

What options are available

for you in Georgia?

Schedule a Virtual Visit

The first step in our appointment process is a medical assessment. This assessment determines what services are recommended for you and what pregnancy options you may qualify for in the state of Georgia.


We offer virtual nurse consultations so that you can receive this medical assessment prior to your first in-person appointment. Consult with our medical team by scheduling a TeleHealth / Virtual Visit appointment to see what services will be performed at your appointment in our Macon, Milledgeville, or Warner Robins clinic. 


During your TeleHealth / Virtual Visit, our team of medical professionals can also provide education about the options available for you, including what abortion options are offered in the state. Additional services will be scheduled for an in-person appointment based on your health history and specific needs.

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