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How Does Abortion Affect Relationships?

An unplanned pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your relationship. You and your partner may disagree on the ideal solution. Perhaps you’ve considered abortion and are wondering how it could affect your relationship.

Abortion is a significant decision. It’s crucial to get the facts so that you can make the best choice for your future!

How Could Abortion Affect My Relationship with My Partner?

Some couples manage to process their emotions together and maintain a positive relationship. For others, the experience can be too overwhelming, and they eventually break up. That being said, studies have found that people who give birth have higher odds of maintaining positive relationships with their partners, even if they are nonromantic[1].

For example, one study found that giving birth increased the odds of nonromantic contact between women and men, while those who had abortions were more likely to end contact with their partners in the long term[1].

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how abortion will affect your relationship with your partner, it’s important to consider how it could impact both of you emotionally before moving forward.

What are the Emotional Side Effects of Abortion?

Abortion affects everyone in different ways. Some women experience grief, anxiety, and depression after an abortion[2], whether immediately after or years later. On the other hand, others feel relieved and find it easier to move on. Both are valid reactions.

However, things can still get complicated if you and your partner have different opinions about the decision. If your partner wanted to be a parent, it may be hard for him to understand your relief. If he wanted you to terminate the pregnancy, he may not know how to support you through your grief.

Be sure to address any disagreements or difficult emotions before making your decision. That way, you and your partner will be able to better understand each other, process your emotions together, and make a decision you both feel comfortable with!

How Can We Work Through Our Disagreements?

It can be difficult to navigate such a major decision, especially when disagreements occur. Sometimes, an outside perspective can introduce you to options you may not have considered.

Consider visiting CORE Healthcare for Women of Central Georgia to explore your pregnancy options together! We will help you come to a decision you both agree on in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

Abortion Information in Central GA

This decision doesn’t have to derail your relationships. CORE Healthcare for Women of Central Georgia is here to help you find a solution together!

Give us a call at (478) 216-5176 or schedule your appointment online today! All services are free and confidential.

Please be aware that CORE Healthcare for Women of Central Georgia does not provide or refer for abortion services.


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