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Why You Need an Ultrasound Before Abortion in Georgia

An unplanned pregnancy can send anyone into a panic. We know how overwhelming it can be, but we are here to walk alongside you. Make sure you get the facts on abortion in Georgia so that you can make an informed and empowered decision!

This article explores Georgia abortion law and the importance of ultrasound in the decision-making process of your unplanned pregnancy journey.

What are the Abortion Laws in Georgia? Is Abortion Legal in Georgia?

As of this publish date in March 2023, abortion is illegal in most cases in Georgia once the fetal heartbeat is detectable[1], which can be as early as 6 weeks gestation[2]. The best way to confirm gestational age and if the heartbeat is detectable is through an ultrasound. Keep reading to find out why this is an important step.

Why Do I Need an Ultrasound?

We strongly recommend receiving an ultrasound! It helps to determine the two key factors that will help you make a fully informed decision for your unplanned pregnancy: gestational age and viability. In addition, ultrasound can be utilized to rule out ectopic pregnancy, which is a medical emergency and would require intervention aside from abortion services.

What is Gestational Age?

Gestational age refers to how far along you are in your pregnancy. This is important to know, as Georgia law prohibits abortion in most cases beyond 6 weeks (as mentioned earlier). If you intend to travel to another state, the surrounding areas may have restrictions as well. Additionally, the abortion pill has not been approved through the FDA beyond 10 weeks gestation[3].

What is Pregnancy Viability?

A viable pregnancy means that the pregnancy is progressing properly and is likely to be able to be carried to term. If your ultrasound determines that your pregnancy is nonviable (for example, if there is no heartbeat), you won’t need an abortion and you can move forward with the appropriate medical care.

Consider receiving a free ultrasound at CORE Healthcare for Women of Central Georgia! If you’re too far along for an abortion or your pregnancy is not viable, our compassionate team of medical professionals and patient advocates will help you explore each of your options so you can move forward with confidence. No insurance required!

Free Ultrasounds in Central Georgia

No matter where you are in your unplanned pregnancy journey, you aren’t alone. Our trained team of medical professionals is here to provide the support and vital information that you need to help you make the best decision for your health and future.

Don’t wait to get the care you deserve! Give us a call at (478) 333-5000 or schedule your appointment online today.

Please be aware that CORE Healthcare for Women of Central Georgia does not provide or refer for abortion services.

This article is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Our limited ultrasound examination is strictly for the purposes of confirming your pregnancy, detecting fetal cardiac activity, and estimating gestational age. We cannot diagnose any medical problems you may be experiencing, pregnancy-related or otherwise.


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